Tuesday, June 12, 2007

1st Anniversary Weekend

Wow where did the last year go?? My wonderful husband planned an overnight getaway in Fredericton to celebrate our first anniversary. We stayed at a bed & breakfast that was a new and great experience for both if us. Not to mention we had a really big canopy bed!
We enjoyed a lazy Saturday afternoon downtown followed by dinner and awoke the next morning to a gourmet breakfast of waffles for Nat and french toast for me. It was delicious but we soon had to pack and headed to "the green" to laze in the unusually warm sun for June 3.What a difference from our wedding day, perhaps we will be blessed with gorgeous weather for all of our anniversaries.

That evening back in Saint John we had yummy pizza and garlic fingers and retrieved our cake from its year long hibernation...Nat was just being dramatic for the camera, it actually tasted fine!!!