Thursday, May 01, 2008

10 years younger?

Nugget badly needed a haircut, he was a small dog with big fur. I had cut out some mattes and burdox but he just plain had too much fur. So this past Tuesday was the day...groomer day. I dropped him off in the morning instructing the groomer to "give him a good cut" "buzz off his fur" she showed me a spaniel and asked if it was a good length, sure was. When asked what I wanted her to do with the tail I said whatever and left Nugget there for the day after he peed on the door frame. That afternoon when I arrived to pick him up she showed me this little puppy with a poofy tail, he sounded like Nugget so I brought him home. Next time we will have his tail shaved too, but he is still pretty cute, much better without the fur and apparently 3 pounds lighter according to the scale at the vet's..