Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a bomb in our living room?

So even though Christmas was over long ago, our Christmas tree was still standing until today, getting drier and drier. We have been working at un-decorating it but our hectic schedules haven't allowed us to totally get rid of it until today. I have never seen a tree drier or so droopy. "One fire official likened a dry Christmas tree to a "bomb" in one's home." So the bomb in our living room has been disarmed! p.s. it is much harder to find the ornaments when the limbs have begun to curl downwards, almost as if it wishes to take the ornaments with it...kinda creepy

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas and onward

December was a crazy month.

Christmas was wonderful! We were able to enjoy the Nativity production put on by Glad Tidings Church that Micah and Katie were a part of. It was great to be reminded of the real importance of the Christmas season and to see all the hard work the living mannequins, actors, dancers, singers and real animals put in to make the production awesome and so full of truth.

Christmas approached quickly and we were able to spend some time with both of our families which was great even though Nat worked Christmas day. Besides awaking with something Norwalk-like at 3 am Christmas morning, Christmas was great, full of good food and quality time with family and friends.

Brad and Jenn's wedding was on the 28th so we spent the 27th getting ready for the big day and rehearsing. The wedding was wonderful and the day went well aside from her dog attacking my purse, biting my wallet and eating half my gift certificate from Nat. Aww Bedford, he’s a good dog. Maid or should I say Matron (yikes) of honour duties were definitely complicated by my raging head cold but with the help of many many tissues and cough drops I made it and it was such a happy day!

Ben and Johanie came home for Christmas and we had a wedding shower for them since they are getting married in July, we also were able to skate with the Peterson crew and the Morrells and Adamo. Good thing it was cold for at least part of the winter.

Then we had New year’s, which Nat worked, of course and Adam, Bronwyn and I watched a movie and raided mom’s fridge. It was really nice to spend some time with Adam over the holidays I miss you Adamo. Carolyn Hicks also came for a visit, it was so nice to see her even for such a short time!

Now we are back into January and school is back on and I am drowning in applications for an Education degree. Wow how time flies, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that God blesses you in this New year. Wow 2007, He is going to do BIG things!