Saturday, October 14, 2006

East Side Mario's? is that you?

We just wanted to share with you our "better than East Side Mario's supper." We had, Alfredo pasta sauce with mushrooms, onions, green pepper, and bacon on spaghetti. There was supposed to be some chicken but we forgot to put it in... it doesn't really matter anyway because it was STILL better than East Side Mario's. As an appetizer Naomi made prosciutto on French bread with feta cheese, balsamic vinegar, and HONEY! It was amazing. We would have made a dessert, to tell you about, but by the time we were done eating we couldn't really move very much... so there wasn't any dessert. Oh, and that bottle in the background, that's not wine. Naomi's mom supplied us with some leftover sparkling grape juice from Thanks giving.

P.S.- Just as a side note. Spell check wanted Naomi to have made prostitute on French bread, but we thought the prosciutto on French bread tasted a lot better.

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Erin said...

it's such a professional photograph! It looks like it's out of a commercial. Well done Phinney's!