Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ahh the scents of Christmas: cinnamon, cloves and clean laundry

So exams are over, and I have a washing machine! Yeah Nat and mom surprised me with a brand new washing machine delivered right to my door.Nat was very handy and had it all hooked up and ready for me to do my first wash almost immediately!

Last weekend mom and I with the help of Andrew Phinney put up and decorated our Christmas tree that Nat chopped down. We tried to disguise its tumour and bare spots the best we could and soon it evolved into a beautiful work of art complete with a blue angel on top. I hope you all are enjoying this preparation time with friends and families.


Micah Katie said...

Great looking Tree and good job Nat on the plumbing job! Micah

PS - We will have our own tree next year hopefully, we have no tree this year : (

David said...

Looks wonderful Naomi!

Jerusha said...

A washing machine?? Oooh, you are soo blessed. I want one! :D Wanna send that handy man over here to install one for me? Hehe

I hope your first Christmas together is a wonderful one!