Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a bomb in our living room?

So even though Christmas was over long ago, our Christmas tree was still standing until today, getting drier and drier. We have been working at un-decorating it but our hectic schedules haven't allowed us to totally get rid of it until today. I have never seen a tree drier or so droopy. "One fire official likened a dry Christmas tree to a "bomb" in one's home." So the bomb in our living room has been disarmed! p.s. it is much harder to find the ornaments when the limbs have begun to curl downwards, almost as if it wishes to take the ornaments with it...kinda creepy


Adam O said...

Bahahaha... Nat's face in that pic is priceless! He looks like is actually attempting to defuse a bomb.
Our little fake tree is still standing at Mansfield. If nothing else, it fills up some empty space in the living room.

Christian Gowan said...

check it out...I've deleted my old blog and made a new one with a new perspective.