Tuesday, April 10, 2007

March break vacation

So since January..we have been working and going to school steadily.

We were fortunate enough to go on a vacation for March break.We flew out to LA and made our way on our ship down the Mexican Riviera. Each port was unique and beautiful. In Puerto Vallarta we were greeted by a typical small Mexican looking town and a Walmart Supercenter??? yeah weird. We went on a pirate ship to a private island but our snorkeling adventure was thwarted by millions of stinging jellyfish who had decided to over run the water. The pirate ship was still a great experience and Nat thoroughly enjoyed the hearty lunch. Ah Mexico, hot sun, sandy beaches and CRAZY taxis! Oddly enough, though they are crazy drivers it doesn't seem quite as dangerous as at home since everyone on Mexican streets is aware that the car in front of or beside you could cut you off at any moment they are much less angry than drivers here who are unexpectedly cut off. I am not howevever suggesting that we begin driving like taxis tearing around in Mexico. The white building here is a night club, it was huge and overlooking the water, this is the only shot we have thanks to Nat's quick photo taking skills as we were speeding around in our open air taxi with our driver Abel.
We had one day in LA on our way home so we thought we would make the best of it and we went to Universal Studios for the day then on a night tour of the highlights of LA.
Here is Nat with Mickey Mouse's star on Hollywood Blvd.
This sign was on Sunset strip prohibiting cruising, if you are caught cruising (passing the same point 2 or more times in 4 hours) you are subject to citation!!
Wohoo Rodeo drive, unfortunately this was at night and everything was closed, we had a 10 minute stop in which most people didn't get off the tour bus but Nat and I ran up 3 blocks and back to see as much as we could!

Well Nat is waiting to hear from the RCMP he has finished all the steps and is patiently waiting. I am almost done the semester and I can't wait until finals are over!

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