Thursday, October 18, 2007

12 weeks over!

I went to visit Nat last weekend and it was great! I miss him so much! We did some travelling since we had a rental car so we thought we would explore the prairies a bit.

We headed to Qu'Appelle Valley and realized after a slight detour to the very tiny tiny town of Qu'Appelle that Fort Qu'Appelle is actually in the Qu'Appelle Valley and not Qu'Appelle.

Ah well what are Sunday afternoon drives for anyway?

It was strange to see the valley it looked like part of the fields just sunk.

While there we stopped for a drink and we decided to test 2 rootbeers, I think the jury is still out. We also found a Seven Eleven which is strangely one of my favourite stores, maybe because it reminds me of trips to Florida but I LOVE their Slurpees!! So we had some of those too. We enjoyed yummy food, we even found a Pita Pit!!! Delicious!

Two days is just not long enough but we had fun and I am heading back out in a few weeks, thank you Jesus for Mom and her airmiles!!

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