Thursday, October 04, 2007


So, lots has happened since I last posted. Nat has been away for 11 weeks now and I am going to visit him next weekend, I am waaay beyond excited!

Alright recap: I went to New Hampshire 3 times this summer, to the same area, same campground twice. The White Mountains are beautiful I highly recommend it!

We also went to PEI which was very exciting since I had never seen the bridge before, my memories of PEI were a bit jaded since the last time I was there I ended up throwing up on the boat and in the Champlain Mall food court, good times. I am happy to say that the bridge did not make me sea-sick.

My Bug is up and running thanks to my uncle and I am having a blast driving it around at home. My sister is a little frightened of the shall we say "authenticity" of the antique car but she has been doing well as a passenger although I almost lost her when the gear shift knob popped off in my hand between 2nd and 3rd gear, priceless!

Well, I have just finished midterm number one of my elementary education degree and I think I am going to go relax and read in the beautiful sunshine as Ruby wheezes beside me.

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