Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nuggets and sunny drives

It has been brought to our attention that we are lacking in the blogging area so I thought I would compile a little update. Let's see...We are settling into our new community have found a great church and we are making new friends. This past weekend the weather was beautiful so on Saturday we decided to load Crosby into the car and take a drive to Williams Lake to see where my parents had lived for several years and where I was born.Soon after we arrived in the city we realized that our map didn't cover the area we needed to find my old house so we called mom and she directed us from home via telephone to our old homestead.The fence was built by my grandfather for me so I wouldn't tumble off the edge of the lot.
Voila! The place where I came into the world!!

Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a drive since it was soo nice outside, it was originally going to be a walk but it was too cold along the river so we settled for a drive instead. We headed to the tourist-y monument, the largest gold pan in the world for a photo op.

As we were heading back the the car I noticed cars on the highway were slowing down and saw that the cause was a little dog running on the road, I headed over to see if I could capture the little guy and Nat quickly put Crosby into the car and came along with his leash. We found that he had a collar and was very friendly but there was nobody around with him. We waited in the parking lot for a few minutes and then loaded him into the car. Now since the SPCA wasn't open I convinced Nat to let us bring him home and I placed ads on the radio and at the SPCA. So nobody called to inquire about "little dog" and the lady at the SPCA said he may have escaped from a puppy mill so maybe it is for the best. As of now we have a new addition to our family, his name is Nugget as a reference to his size and the place where we found him. Welcome Nugget! Nugget has an appointment with a pair of clippers in his near future.


Terri said...

Awww how adorable!! Congrats on your newest addition, lol!

Always and forever said...

Yay for blogs! Haha Nugget is very cute - you guys are on your way to being a puppy orphanage! It's good that you have some more companionship eh? :) They're both really cute. miss you guys lots!